Steel-Craft offers innovative, contemporary, and advanced design for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects. We know that timelines are critical to your project, regardless of size. Our manuals and technical specifications drawings will help save you time choosing and installing Steel-Craft products.

Residential Brochure
Residential Brochure
Commercial Brochure
Commercial Brochure
Residential SELL SHEETS

Sliding Centre Post

Track Brackets Mount-Wood Jamb

Commercial Wood Framing Details - Standard Lift Track

Continuous Reversed Angles Mount-Steel Jamb

SA7000 Section Details

TD134 Hi-Lift

Brace Installation Instructions

Hi-Lift Track

Continuous Angles Mount-Steel Jamb

Continuous Reversed Angles Mount-Wood Jamb

SA6000 Section Details

TD134 Section View

TD134-20Ga Section View

Low Headroom Quick Close Kit

Hi-Lift & Vertical Lift

Sliding Centre Post-Steel Jamb

Double Track Low Headroom-Torsion Springs Front Mount

Standard Lift Track

TD134 Standard Lift

Vertical Lift Track

Track Brackets Mount-Steel Jamb

Continuous Angles Mount-Wood Jamb

Commercial Steel Framing Details-Standard Lift Track

Standard Lift Track - c/w Trolley Operator

TD134 Full Vertical Lift

TD138 Section View